Original Paintings

A Survey of Work

"In Nature's Calm "

"Female Torso"

"Where Are We Now"

"Facing Out"

"Into the Swing of Things"

"The Castle"

"The Mobile Library"

"Facing Out"



"Sight Seers"

"Times Past"

"Mise en Abyme"

"Aspects of The Nude "

"The Empty Jetty"

"The Heart of The Matter"

"Last Port of Call"


On Waters Edge

"on water's edge"

"The Backpacker"

"Story Lines"

About Lisa O'Keefe

Seeing more Dimensions in Colour

Lisa’s vision is to contribute significantly to the lives of people in a way that enables the opening up of new perspectives and the resonance of life within, to bring new meaning and enrichment to their lives.


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